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Patrick Tam as Ming Chi Kit Michael Tao as Lay Siu Tin
Deanie Yip as Ming Sing Kathy Chow as Lo Wun
Au Gum Tong as Siu Lung Wong Oi Yiew as Ma Siu Ling
Tin Sum Nay as Cat Ma Sak Sau as Ma Sau Nam
Lau Sak Yin as Ah Yuk Kristy Yang as Lo Suet
Pinky Cheung as BiBi Cheung Lee Siu Kay as Kay Gor

Group Pictures

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Calling out all Flaming Brothers' fans!!!! If you guys have screen shots of the serie, please email me. I can't find any and would like to have some if guys want to share.

Patrick Tam N Lau Sak Yin

Au Kum Tong, Wong Oi Yiew, and Lau Sak Yin